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decode: design: disrupt

8 August – 13 September 2015
TCDC Bangkok

Today, the world is stepping into the third Industrial Revolution: from the beginning of steam-powered machinery and textile industry; to the golden age of manufacturing driven by moving assembly lines; to the era where digital technology and digital fabrication play an essential role in the manufacturing system. Large-scale factories are not always an advantage nor a limitation to entrepreneurs. This phenomenon is a major structural change

These changes are attributable to digital technology advancement as it creates new online consumption behaviors. Big data used to develop more innovative and precise business, co-creation mindset, open source platform, digital fabrication and direct access to investors are the reasons for several projects to come into existence and keep driving creative workers and startups to get started and flourish.

Focusing on this phenomenon that takes the world by storm and continues to lead us towards new lifestyles and future, the annual symposium, CU 2015, presents the concepts and works of visionary, thinker and designers who are behind current social and economic changes under the theme “CU 2015 SHIFT decode:design:disrupt”. The symposium will shed light on the beginning in the past, to envision possibilities and opportunities in the present, so that we can prepare and adjust for things to come in the near future.

International Symposium

Let’s shift the thinking process, creative business, and quality of life with 9 visionaries and creative thinkers.

12-13 SEPTEMBER 2015

Gallery 2, TCDC

12 September 2015
Dr. Jordan Brandt

Technology Futurist and Director of the Spark Investment Fund at Autodesk

Piero Lissoni

Architect and Founder of the Lissoni Associati studio

Rich Radka

A Founding Partner of Claro Partners

Nicholas Felton

Data Visualization Specialist and Former Lead Designer of Facebook Timeline

Porter Erisman

Director and Producer of Crocodile in the Yangtze: The Alibaba Story and Former Vice President at and Alibaba Group

13 September 2015
Asif Khan

Principal Architect and Founder of Asif Khan Studio

Gadi Amit

Founder and Principal Designer of NewDealDesign

Patai Padungtin

Founder of BUILK.COM and Chairman of the Thailand Tech Startup Association

Nobumichi Tosa

Musician and Founder of Maywa Denki

International Workshop

Get a hands-on experience with international experts.

9 – 10 SEMPTEMBER 2015

Gallery 2, TCDC


Patai Padungtin

The Science of Failure

Rich Radka

Designing IoT (Internet of Things) enabled services

Creativities Space Workshop

A workshop that gathers Thailand’s leading design studios and entrepreneurs from various fields to co-create learning opportunity and direct hands-on experience to participants.


Location: Across studios around Bangkok

01/39 A Chat with Paper

Zcongklod Bangyikhan (a day magazine)

03/39 Curiosity Generation

CommDe, Chulalongkorn University

05/39 Tourism for Social Change: Khlong Toei

Local Alike

07/39 With Problem Comes Wisdom

Choojai & Friends

09/39 Movie Title Lettering: Concrete Clouds

Typographic Association of Bangkok (TAB) with Lee Chatametikool and Cattleya Paosrijaroen

11/39 Illusion’s Secret Decoding

Illusion Co., Ltd.

13/39 Practical Analog Photography

Patani Studio

15/39 Integrative Use of Digital Fabrication Tools

Makerspace Co. Ltd.

17/39 DESIGN (t) ABLE

party / space / design

19/39 Crowdfunding Strategies for Bands Workshop

Fungjai Co., Ltd.

21/39 Fuzzy City

Studio Aeroplane

23/39 The Multiple Layers Workshop

The Archivist

25/39 Service Design for Startup

UX Academy

27/39 How to Build an Identity for Artist

BEAR Visual Specialist

School : Supichan Rojvanich

29/39 Motion Graphic & Animation

BEAR Visual Specialist

School : Panop Koonwat

31/39 No Artificial Added


33/39 Crowdfunding & Maker Workshop for Making Smart Product

Nest Bangkok Co., Ltd. (NE8T)

35/39 Based on True Story

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

37/39 Art of Table

Blackitch Artisan Kitchen

39/39 The story of Charoenkrung: Creative Ecology and Synergy Workshop

Charoenkrung Art District

02/39 Books, seriously?



F.A.C.T. Collective

06/39 Book Cover Design with Wrongdesign


08/39 IoT 3D Printed

Maker Zoo

10/39 Re-inventing Thai Flavour

56th Studio

12/39 Hack

FabCafe Bangkok

14/39 Laminated Wood Bending

o-d-a / object design alliance

16/39 Eco-friendly Products: Change the world with heart

Labrador Co., Ltd.

18/39 How to Make The Jam Factory Magazine

The Jam Factory Magazine

20/39 Cut & Paste

Igloo Studio

22/39 Re-Create Bangrak

Shma Co., Ltd.



26/39 Hackers + Designers

Yanyong Boon-Long & Assoc. Prof. Jittat Fakjaroenpol. Ph.D.

28/39 Communicating with Music Video

BEAR Visual Specialist

School : Yossiri Baisri

30/39 Concert Visual & Lighting Design

BEAR Visual Specialist

School : Rueangrith Suntisuk

32/39 Virtual Cuts

32/39 Virtual Cuts

34/39 ‘Innovation Luxury’ though the Eye of Designer

Ek Thongprasert

36/39 Creative Startup Camp

PINN Creative Space

38/39 Contemporary Jewelry 101

ATTA Gallery