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From Passion to Business

20 – 21 March 2010
Scala Theater, Siam Square, Bangkok

Passion is a common trait shared among successful creative entrepreneurs. Through turning affection to passion, the drive for starting a business is born. It should be of no surprise to find that passion lies at the core of most successful businesses. These creative entrepreneurs do not see their job as a duty but see it as playing based on their creativity and imagination. It was from the idea ‘Working to Playing’ that inspired the theme, “Play: From Passion to Business”. Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) provides a platform for individuals from various professions; such as trendsetters, thinkers, writers, creative entrepreneurs, and designers, to share their experiences.





International symposium

20 – 21 March 2010

4Play and Play Space
20 March 2010

You need to know all the rules and directions before starting to play.

At this stage, workspace is no longer limited to only your office. Creative people choose ‘city’ where to work before choosing ‘what’ to do. You must know where your workspace would be.

Kara Johnson

Material Expert, IDEO

I MISS MY PENCIL: Building connection between design and business

Chalermpon Punnotok

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CT Asia Robotics Co., Ltd.

From Play to Innovation

Winai Chairakpong

Exhibition & Event Designer Founder/Project Director, b|u|g studio

Power of Creativity

Chris Bangle

Automobile Designer Former Chief Designer, BMW Group

The future of cars

Play Partners
21 March 2010

Creative people do not like to play alone; they need a partner.

Amid the global economic recession, Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) aims to encourage Thai creative entrepreneurs to keep their hopes alive. Believe in what you do, do what you love and you will ‘play’ and have a ‘passion’ for your work. And that is the only thing to keep you going!

Renny Ramakers

Art Historian and Co-founder, Droog

Simple Passion

Masashi Kawamura

Copy writer and Art director

Work Equals Play

Zach Lieberman

Artist and Computer Programmer

Collaborative Play