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Business: People: Culture

3 – 5 October 2008
TCDC, Bangkok

We are living in an era where “Creative Economy” has been recognized and developed worldwide as the key factor driving economic growth.

In this era, businesses can no longer rely on traditional 4P marketing techniques. A person’s talent has gained significance to the point that enables an “individual” to compete with large corporation. Today, culture has become the new valuable asset, essential to the success of all businesses.

As a country rich in cultural legacies and multi-talented human resources, Thailand needs to integrate these resources together and transform them from cultural properties into economic value and sustainable development.

The Symposium, CU 2008 “Connecting Dots – Business : People : Culture”, aims to stimulate creative competence of Thai thinkers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers, and provides an understanding and useful insights on how to connect our business, people and culture. In today’s economy, these three key elements need to be creatively integrated in order for us to develop a competitive edge and survive.




International Symposium

3 – 5 October 2008

Culture: The Asset
3 October 2008
Charles Landry

Founder, Comedia Company

Building Creative Cities

Noppadol Baholyodhin

Designer, Jim Thompson

A Career in Design

อีแวน รอธ

Co-founder, Graffiti Research Lab

Creativity, Open Source and Popular Culture

Prapas Chonsaranon

Thinker, writer, songwriter and co-founder, Workpoint Entertainment Plc.

Thinking like Prapas Chonsaranon

Business: Vision in Action
4 October 2008
Duangrit Bunnag

Architect and Founder, Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited

Orange Ocean

Nina Wang & Altay Sendil

Human Factors Researcher, IDEO

Research for Human-Centered Design and Innovation

Natthorn Rakchana

Co-Founder, KarmaKamet

Faith and Creativity

People: The Spirit of Creativity
5 October 2008
Marije Vogelzang

Eating-design specialist, Proef Design studio and Restaurant

Eat, Drink, Designing Experiences

Jaime Salm

Designer, MIO

Design: Bridging the Gap between Sustainability and Business

Mark Farrow

Designer, Farraw Design Company

Farrow: Work and Process

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamats


The philosophy of Creativity and Inventiveness

International Workshop

2 October 2008

Nina Wang & Altay Sendil

Human Factors Researcher, IDEO

Research: Understanding People for Design Inspiration