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In search of excellence from within

10 – 14 October 2007
TCDC, Bangkok

We are living in a flattened world, as Thomas Friedman would have us believe. Emerging technologies have shortened distances. Rapidly growing economies like China, India and Eastern Europe are forcing many nations to re-adjust their policies and re-look the way they are doing things.


Competitive advantages that stemmed entirely out of cheap labour and higher productivity have nearly disappeared. Nations are forced to look deeper into hidden value intrinsic to their cultures.


Creativity & design are gaining importance worldwide with the hope that they will drive socio-economic growth by extracting these hidden values that would help differentiate countries from their competitors.


In CU 2007, the idea of value creation will be furthered explored by moving the debate from the ‘what is’ of value creation to the ‘how’ of value creation. The theme for this year’s event is “Genius of the Place – in search of excellence from within” which hopes to link issues such as the essence of local culture and meaning of a place.


Culture is dynamic and forever evolving over time, which in turn influences the inhabitants of that region. Every place nurtures its people and teaches them how to live, to interact among themselves and with things around them via the physical appearance, social dialogue, its history and each individual as a person. It is these elements that form the Genius Loci, the Genius of the place.




International Symposium

12 – 14 October 2007

Creative Strategy
12 Octorber 2007

The talks and presentations on this day are dedicated to the essence of strategic thinking in driving organization policies. All four sessions offer important views from four strategic thinkers from all over the world who potentially direct several major brands. They will present their visions regarding how they foresee the creative power and how to aluate the design product or service.

Dr. Rolf Jensen

ประธานเจ้าหน้าที่บริหารจินตนาการ บริษัท Dream Company


M.R. Disnadda Diskul

Secretary-General, Mae Fah Luang Foundation

Mountain Yield Nine-Digit Success

Matteo di Montezemolo

Business Director, Charme investment

Passion & Positioning

Peter Zec

Global Design Expert and founder of Red Dot Award

Return on Ideas, Better by Design

Creative Practice
13 October 2007

The key speakers on the second day are required to address concepts of how creative thinking can be put into practice. The content will illustrate how several factors contribute to convert creative dreams into a worldwide business of design.

Agnès Kubiak

Partner and Art Director, Style-Vision

Exploring how to extract hidden values of local culture and transforming them to global success

Vudhichai Harnpanich

Founder, HARN Products

Inspired by Asian Heritage

Patama Roonrakwit

Founder, CASE

Creating Inspiration and Stimulating Change within a Community

Sally Bibawy

Managing partner and Creative Director, Lomography


Matthias Fiegl

Managing partner, Lomography

Lomography: Community Business

Genius Loci and Design
14 October 2007

The last day of symposium devotes to several aspects of Design in relationship to the meaning of “Genius of the Place”. Each designer’s presentation will show how ideas have emerged out of his “self” and his awareness of the influences from a place.

Gijs Bakker

Founder, Droog Design

Design is About Today

Thanonchai Sornsriwichai

TV commercial director

‘Thainess’ is the Answer

Pen-ek Ratanaruange

Film Director

Tragedy as Inspiration

Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic Designer

Stefan Sagmeister’s Approach to Graphic design

Create Workshop

11 October 2007

An open opportunity for Thai design figures to participate and learn from the masters as well as allow for freshness of perspective emerging from different social/cultural backgrounds.

Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic Designer

Touching Someone’s Heart with Design

Winai Chairakpong

Project Director, blulg studio

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Sridhar Ryalie

Design adviser, TCDC Resource Center

Sussing out your REAL customer needs…

Create Economy

11 October 2007

Crafting the New Economy by Creativity

Understand the value of the ‘Creative Economy’ and how to use creativity to enhance Thailand’s competitive advantage.

The emergence of India and China as the IT and manufacturing factories to the world has begun to erode the competitive advantage stemming out of cheap labour and greater productivity which fuelled the growth of the Thai economy in the last three decades.

In the 21st century, knowledge is the fundamental capital for wealth generation for nations and many advanced countries having realised this are gearing their national policies to adjust to that reality. Having knowledge alone is not the key to wealth generation; the other key is the individual creativity of people, groups and communities and how they utilise that knowledge in an innovative and creative manner.

Like the ‘Knowledge Economy’, ‘Creative Economy’ has emerged as a metaphor to understand, gauge and create the shift in the primary means of wealth creation. More and more people are participating in the Creative Economy and unlike the previous ‘economies’ the prime characteristic of this new economy is the open and democratic participation of creative individuals.

Thailand Creative & Design Center as a government agency promoting design and creativity, is planning to organise a one day seminar “Crafting the New Economy by Creativity” with the sole aim of helping the policy makers, government agencies and the general audience to better understand the value of the ‘Creative Economy’.

Josephine Burns

Co-Director, Burns and Owen Partnership Ltd.

The Creative Economy: Growth & Challenges

Andrew Senior

Head of British Council’s Creative Industries Unit

Policy in action in the creative economy: the mechanics of policy implementation through government agencies

Freeman Lau

Partner in Kan & Lau Design Consultants

Creative Industries: Between China & Hong Kong

Dr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith

Deputy Secretary General Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board

Creativity and Economic Development in Thailand

Design education Seminar

In_formal: Design Education Forum, 2007

10 October 2007

“In_formal: Design Education Forum, 2007”, is set to be an open stage where facts are delivered, problems can be raised and solutions may possibly be suggested from various sources.

The theme of In_formal 2007 is “Design Education Shapes Society, Society Shapes Design Education”. The discussion will address the context that surrounds the area of design in Thailand. Instead of having teachers and designers discuss about their views, this forum will offer outside-in perspectives. The seminar panel consists of 4 experts from 4 different fields – a historian, a social scientist, a political economist, and a mass communication professor. Design academia, design journalists, design students, and practicing designers are in fact the audience. “In_formal” hopes that in the long run it could bring about changes and strengthen the education of design in Thailand.

Assc. Prof. Dr. Thanet Aphornsuvan

Lecturer at Department of History, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University

Perspectives on History and Culture

Thanes Wongyannava

Instructor, Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University

Perspectives on society, culture and art

Ukrist Pathmanand

Associate Director of Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Perspectives on Political Economics and International Relations

Assc. Prof. Dr. Ubonrat Siriyuwasak

Lecturer at Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University

Perspectives on Mass Communication and Culture

Name Card Festival

Expand Your Network

12 – 14 October 2007

As building networks and sharing ideas are the essential parts of any symposium, name card walls for interested agencies and companies that are connected to the creative & design business are provided. This is a meeting place for manufacturers, designers, merchandisers and investors via TCDC connection.